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Paul Coletti
Novell U.K.

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Paul is a self-confessed IT nerd on a one-man mission to return geeks to the world of cool. He "spouts rubbish, opinions and the occassional bit of humour" here:

The Complete Works of Paul

10 Dec 2003
File-based Round Robin Processor for use in DirXML Stylesheets.

17 Jul 2003
Adding Maps to eGuide
Cool tip from Novell Consulting's Paul Coletti -- If you've ever wanted to customize eGuide with user-specific data like directions to their office or a map to their location, give this a shot.

15 Jul 2003
Transferring Huge Lists of Proxy Authentication Contexts
Ever wondered how to transfer a huge list of Proxy server authentication contexts from one BorderManager server to another without having to retype them all in at NWADMN32.EXE? Wonder no more. Paul Coletti tells you how.

04 Jan 2000
Solving the Disappearing Icons (Win 3.11)
There aren't that many organisations still using Windows 3.11 (aka Windows for Workgroups) but a recent customer of mine is going for Zen 1.1 with NAL in a big Windows 3.11 environment. I thought this rare nugget might be of use to us poor sods still working with old technology.

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