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10 Jan 2007
Make Imaged Workstations boot AutoAdmin Login
If you have imaged workstations with ZENworks imaging using sysprep and want to have the workstations boot AutoAdmin Login at least once to make any changes unique to that PC, check out this great idea from Paul Pedron.

03 Mar 2006
Novell Client 4.91 SP2 Error - "An unknown error 0x0000000D (13)"
Paul Predron shares a tip on what to do if you get the following error when installing the Novell Client 4.91 SP2. Error: "An unknown error 0x0000000D (13) occurred while installing".

07 Sep 2005
Manually restoring from ZENworks Imaging CDs
Here's another take on a perennially favorite topic.

04 May 2005
Pushing out an Icon that links to a Folder
Paul Pedron explains how he distributes access to a departmental folder to all his users.

23 Jan 2003
Pushing Browser Settings
Come see how Paul Pedron pushes internet browser settings for Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator to his users. Freshly updated with a new suggestion.

12 Mar 2002
Installing/Running Applications as Unsecure/Secure System User
Paul Pedron shares a number of strategies for running apps as a secure system user. Nice practical advice here, from a Senior System Specialist for a large city.

02 May 2001
Adding an Imaged Workstation into a Domain
Paul Pedron shares his solution to this problem raised in the Q & A a few weeks ago.

03 Apr 2001
Imaging NT Workstations
Come see how Paul Pedron gets newly imaged NT workstations into the domain.

18 Oct 2000
Changing Netscape Preferences
Here's another idea aobut how to change things in the Netscape pref.js file.

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