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08 Sep 2005
AppNote: Configuring an OpenSLP DA on OES or SUSE Linux Enterprise Servers
Peter Strifas explains how to configure your SLP environment to use OpenSLP on Novell's OES based on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server as a Directory Agent. He also explains how to configure a Novell Client on a Windows workstation to use SLP services from the same OES-SLES server.

23 May 2005
Can't get into iManager 2.5 after upgrading from NetWare 6.5 sp2 to OES NetWare and iManager 2.5
Peter Strifas supplies some settings to check if you are unable to get into iManager after upgrading.

13 Nov 2003
Data Cleansing with DirXML
Novell Support Engineer Peter J Strifas shares a technique or two that should help you get -- and keep -- your data warehouse in order.

23 Dec 2002
More on Cloning Trees for Testing
Peter Strifas provides some excellent details to supplement last week's article on "Cloning Trees for Lab Tests". Dive in to learn more.

28 Dec 2001
Synching Passwords Across Multiple Trees with DirXML
This team from Mount Sinai/NYU Health rolled up their sleeves, figured out *exactly* how to leverage DirXML to synchronize passwords across multiple trees -- and they kept notes! Dig into this one.

26 Oct 2001
Another Tree-Splitting Example From the Trenches
From the "more than one way to split a tree" department, eDirectory arborist Peter J Strifas sent us this fantastic example of how his team split off part of their company, packed them up, and moved them out.

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