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02 Aug 2005
Schema Utilities
Outputs the class and attribute definitions in your tree.

09 Jun 2005
Reports if a DS server is using synthetic time.

05 Jun 2005
Detecting Synthetic Time Programmatically
This article presents a simple Win32 utility that can query an eDirectory server (regardless if it is NetWare or not) to see if synthetic time is being used, and if synthetic timestamps are being issued, how far ahead the future timestamp is so you can decide if a new time epoch should be declared using DSRepair or simply wait for the real time to catch up.

25 May 2005
Synthetic Time on Non-NetWare Platforms
NetWare servers will display a warning message on the console when synthetic time is being used. But how about other platforms that eDirectory runs on, such as Windows and Linux? Peter Kuo shares two easy ways to keep an eye on it on other platforms.

10 Mar 2005
Treating Synthetic Time with Respect
Peter Kuo shares a couple of nifty ways to address synthetic time problems, depending on how far in the future the Modification Time Stamp is (years versus hours).

01 Mar 2005
Decoding LDIF-Formatted Network Addresses
Decoding LDIF-Formatted Network Addresses - a tip adapted from the eDir Troubleshooting book, pg 100-101.

20 Jul 2003
Troubleshoot network problems related to distribution of SAP packets.

30 Jun 1999
Manage Your NDS Database Files the Easy Way
How do you quickly find the sizes of NDS files? Easy - use Peter Kuo's NDSDir utility, described in this article.

28 Dec 1998
Import/Export NDS Login Scripts.

22 Nov 1998
DOS command-line utility that allows an Admin to change the Login Time Restriction attribute value of any NDS user object.

18 Apr 1998
OBJECT.SAP - SAP/Binery object IDs
List of NetWare objects.

05 Feb 1998
QSS - Queue Shuttle Server for DOS
DOS program for transferring print jobs.

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