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10 Feb 2005
CopyDocs 2.01
A Perl program that searches the hard drives for files with the extensions you wish to look for and allows you to copy them elsewhere.

12 Jun 2003
ADM File Utilities 2.5
Heads Up: the indefatigable Peter Riesett has just updated his very popular freebie. Check it out.

10 Jun 2003
ADM File Utilities 2.5
Customize .ADM files.

22 Aug 2002
More on Installing ConsoleOne
Peter Riesett chimes in to tell us how they've installed ConsoleOne at The Community College of Baltimore County. Thanks Peter!

09 Aug 2002
ADM File Utilities 1.4
Peter Riesett and Tim Dobrowolsky have updated their popular ADM File Utilities. Go snag these nice freebies.

05 Sep 2001
Troubleshooting Office 2000 Install
Peter Riesett explains how a custom start menu can mess up your Office 2K install. Come see the additional suggestions.

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