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20 Jun 2002
Access Data Anywhere on Any Tree with NetStorage
AppNotes writer and systems engineer Bill Calero takes a close look at NetStorage, a slick new chunk of NetWare code that allows you work with files on NetWare servers via the Internet. Bill digs into some of the more advanced tricks you can get NetStorage to do -- if you have the know how. Get all you can carry here.

26 May 1999
Integrating Thin-Client Servers with NDS and ZENworks
The integration of Novell products such as NDS and ZENworks with the thin-Client servers satisfies the desires of both network administrators and end-users. End-users get a consistent desktop wherever they are and the performance they demand. Administrators have a single tool that can be used to administer both standard desktops and thin-clients. Read all about it in this special article.

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