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The Complete Works of R

19 Jan 2005
Generic Design of iManager Plugin - Part 2
This article describes the procedure to auto-generate Java classes and JSP files for an iManager plugin.

18 Jan 2005
iManager Plugin Design idiom - Private Class Data
The Generic Design Generator Tools use a Design idiom: Private Class Data. This Article describes this useful pattern.

18 Jan 2005
Generic Design for an iManager Plug-in
This article by R. Sathish explores how to arrive at a generic design that can be used for any plugin development for iManager.

22 Dec 2004
Java Design Pattern for Concurrent Multiple Object Operations - Illustrated in iManager Plugin development
R Sathish explains a better way to concurrently process operations which involve a collection of objects, like deleting 'n' objects, updating 'n' objects.

16 Nov 2004
Roll out new iManager Plugin
Your next plugin need not be built from scratch, nor do you need to scale down an existing workarea. This article provides and explains a working generic XY plugin which you can build from.

11 Oct 2004
Remote Debugging iManager with Eclipse
Building on the information in one of his previous articles, R Sathish now explains methods of debugging iManager remotely.

11 Oct 2004
Building iManager plugins with Ant
R Sathish describes how to use Apache's ANT 1.6.x to build iManager plugins.

17 Aug 2004
iManager Plugin Development Process Tips
R Sathish shares a handful of nice-to-know tips that will make your life easier when you develop iManager Plugins.

17 Aug 2004
Launching iManager in Eclipse
Here's a nicely detailed, step-by-step article explaining how to launch iManager in Eclipse.

17 Aug 2004
Link your IDE, VCS and Servlet Container and Develop Plugin with Minimal Tomcat Restarts
The strategies described in this article are applicable to any IDE, VCS and Servlet Container. They are illustrated with Eclipse IDE, Continuus VCS and Tomcat servlet containers. These strategies reduce the time required to change the plugin, minimizing the number of Tomcat restarts required, and the number of CPU-intensive tasks.

19 Dec 2003
Delete Container Entry
Deletes recursively all entries in a container.

04 Dec 2003
Running iManager in Standalone Mode without Apache Server
If Apache HTTP Server-Tomcat integration fails, here's how to run iManager (Non-SDK Version) in standalone mode without integrating to Apache HTTP Server.

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