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A Bit About Randall S.

Born in Utah and raised in Tennessee, Randall now makes his home in Orem Utah, with his wife and three kids. Randall writes code in EMACS and started using Java in 1997. He was the lead engineer on PFA. He likes to spend his time off in the mountains with his family.

The Complete Works of Randall S.

14 Apr 2000
Time Zones and the PFA (POP Forwarding Agent)
Here's a tip from the guy who created the POP Forwarding Agent...

26 Mar 2000
How to get your POP Mail into GroupWise
When using GroupWise 5.5, which is included with Novell Small Business Suite 5 (NSBS5), you also have the ability to manage POP3 accounts with the aid of the POP Forwarding Agent (PFA). PFA was installed by default when you installed NSBS5. It allows you to use dynamic IP addressing from an ISP to receive e-mail from the Internet. Depending on your configuration, this agent can collect e-mail for one organization from a POP3 mailbox or specific user POP3 mailboxes and forward the e-mail to the local GroupWise users' mailboxes.

22 Feb 2000
Update previous versions of the POP-Forwarding Agent (PFA) to the Release 6 level.

14 Dec 1999
Frequently Asked (but Seldom Answered) Questions about PFA
Anytime you start using new technology like PFA, you're bound to have lots of questions. And who better to supply the answers than the very guy who created PFA? So here you go, straight from the horse's mouth.

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