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A Bit About Randall R.

Randall has been supporting Macs in a Novell environment for 5 years. During that time he has implemented OS X machines into a Novell eDirectory environment, providing user and workstation management through LDAP to the machines. This has included printer management, imaging, and remote control and support. He has presented at conferences on this topic, and is an Apple Certified System Administrator.

The Complete Works of Randall R.

12 Jul 2006
Update: Mac OS X and Novell eDirectory Integration
Integrating Macs into a Novell environment can have its challenges, so here's a detailed AppNote from Cool Solutions contributor Randy Saeks on the topic. Get the inside scoop on directory and desktop setup, managing preferences, and more. *Check out the new content in the downloadable PDF file!*

07 Jun 2006
Password Query for OS X
Query the specified LDAP server to determine how many days until the current user's password expires.

21 Apr 2006
LDAP expired password notification
An AppleScript to run a query against the LDAP server of the current logged in user to determine how long until the user's password expires.

07 Dec 2005
Have Your Workstation Notify You of Problems
Randy Saeks provides a script that will allow you to set up a machine to notify you if it is having trouble with something.

16 Nov 2005
Solving Password Caching Problems on Macintosh
With this tip from Mac expert Randy Saeks, your Mac users can get around a password synchronization problem with AFP servers.

18 May 2005
Getting Mac Synching Rules to Work
Here's a tip from Mac expert and regular Cool Solutions contributor Randy Saeks. Check out the LDIF file that solves a schema synching issue in OS 10.2 and above.

30 Mar 2005
Mac OS X and Trash File Size
"I could have sworn I deleted those Mac files, and now they're back!" Find out why this happens and how to fix it, thanks to this handy tip from Cool Solutions contributor Randy Saeks.

21 Mar 2005
Mac OS X Renaming Check
Check for the computer name and display a window if the machine has not yet been renamed.

19 Jan 2005
Classic is Back: Mac Apps on the Network
Learn how to get around network limitations so you can run your favorite classic Macintosh applications from the network.

22 Sep 2004
Multiple Mac Connections without Additional Logins
Here's a nifty Macintosh solution sent in by one of our readers. Find out how Mac users can connect to multiple volumes or servers without additional logins - a definite time-saver.

18 Aug 2004
Leveraging eDirectory with Apple Workgroup Manager
Here's a new tip sent in by one of our diligent readers in the education world. Find out how you can use manage Macintosh users with an eDirectory structure and Apple Workgroup Manager.

12 Jul 2004
Student Login Versus Staff Login
Randy Saeks shares his method of telling students from staff at login, and identifying their location as well.

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