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15 Nov 2006
Changing a Non-CN Identifier During Rename
Ray Epping shares an policy that helps you set a new IDM association when a user is renamed.

20 Sep 2006
Assigning Selective Read Rights with IDM
In this AppNote, Raymon Epping explores setting ACLs selectively, using Novell Identity Manager 3, Designer, and IDM connector tracing.

14 Feb 2003
Enlisting DirXML to Manage groupMemberships
Novell Consulting's Raymon Epping supplies a stylesheet that illustrates how to use DirXML to create a user with the groupMembership attribute filled in.

13 Jan 2003
Troubleshooting Password Synchronization
Novell Consultant Raymon Epping discovered that one of his password synchronization implementations wasn't working because of encryption level differences between the workstation and server. Download the info -- and the tools -- he used to ferret out the problem.

19 Jul 2002
Password Sync Debug Tools
Tools to help debug password synchronization problems between eDirectory and other data stores.

30 May 2002
eProvisioning Tales and a DirXML ROI Worksheet
Two treats in one! Check out these eProvisioning tales from Dave Kearns and download an Excel spreadsheet -- designed by Raymon Epping -- that helps you calculate the return on investment that DirXML can generate as part of an eProvisioning system.

23 May 2002
DirXML ROI Worksheet
Excel worksheet to calculate the DirXML impact on a company's E/De-provisioning bottom line.

03 May 2002
New User-Management Stylesheet
Here's a new stylesheet from Mr. Prolific, Raymon Epping. This stylesheet does some very cool decision making based on user attributes. These decisions trigger actions like "add user", "modify user", and "move user to a different OU".

03 May 2002
User Management Stylesheet
Attribute-driven XSLT stylesheet for DirXML 1.1 that can create, delete, modify users and move them from one OU to another.

08 Apr 2002
Manage Users in Groups with this Stylesheet
Novell Consultant Raymon Epping is at it again. This time he's written a stylesheet that uses DirXML 1.1 to add users to groups in eDirectory.

08 Apr 2002
ETS Groups Stylesheet
XSLT stylesheet that manages users in eDirectory Groups.

04 Apr 2002
A Stylesheet for the Cutting Edge
Raymon Epping has been busy working with the new DirXML 1.1, eDirectory 8.6.2 and Windows XP Pro. Here's a stylesheet he's created that leverages the strengths of all three.

04 Apr 2002
ETS Stylesheet
XSLT stylesheet that works with DirXML 1.1, eDirectory 8.6.2, and Windows XP Pro.

13 Sep 2000
Password Changer
I had restricted my control panel by policies, but some of my users wanted to be able to change their passwords like they did before. I searched through the cool solutions but couldn't find a solution to this. So I made an application object myself which points to the password application from Windows and it works very well.

28 Jul 2000
Password Changer
Allow users to change their passwords even if you've restricted control panel access with ZENworks.

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