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09 Mar 2006
Loading a Web Page from a NetWare Server using Viewport instead of Startx
Rich Stevenson shares a tip on using Viewport instead of Startx to load web pages from a NetWare server.

17 Feb 2006
Rogue Process Management Policy
Configure the rogue process feature via a group policy.

10 Feb 2006
Running an App Object as Secure or Unsecure System User on Windows XP
Rich Stevenson explains how to get around the common workaround of using UNC pathing instead of a mapped drive, when trying to run app objects on Windows XP. Updated with reader suggestions.

11 Jan 2005
Desktop Portals
Generates a web page displaying the Health Monitor traffic lights for all servers.

31 Mar 2004
Running Server Consolidation Utility on WinXP
Having trouble running the Server Consolidation Utility on a WinXP SP1 Professional workstation? Rich Stevenson shares his solution.

26 Jul 2001
Viewing Management Portal Traffic Lights from your Desktop
If you use Management Portal, you'll like this ingenious idea from Rich Stevenson. He's found a way to display the red, yellow, and green lights on your desktop.

11 Oct 2000
Using an Old App Object to Distribute a New One
In the Q&A a user asks if users can be imported from an old app object. Here's one idea that may save a little time. Instead of moving users, use the existing app object to distribute the new app.

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