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25 Oct 2005
Linux Developer's Corner - Mono Live!
Would you like to try out Mono, but don't want or have the resources to setup a machine for it? Try Mono Live without making changes to your existing system.

28 Sep 2005
Linux Developers Corner
Check out the best Linux for developers: openSUSE Linux 10, within the AppArmor secured environment.

29 Aug 2005
Linux Developer's Corner: openSUSE, The Developer's Linux
Having access to the operating system source code is a developer's dream come true and with openSUSE the benefits that Linux developers have long enjoyed just got much better. Read how Novell has taken openness a few steps forward.

29 Aug 2005
Developer's Toolbox: Slashdot for Developers
The "News for Nerds. Stuff that matters." tagline pretty well lays out what Slashdot is all about. But, were you aware that Slashdot has a section that highlights content of a developer-related focus?

21 Jul 2005
Linux Tutorials
Here are three demos you'll want to carve out some time for. Understanding and Using the Linux Standard Base, Porting .NET Applications to Linux, and Password Management using Password Self-service on Novell Open Enterprise Server (OES)

21 Jul 2005
Developer Tool First Look: Visual Studio Developers, Welcome to Linux!
Using Grasshopper (and Visual MainWin for J2EE, Enterprise edition if you need to deploy to an application server other than Tomcat) you can use the power of the .NET development tools and deploy to the more secure and robust Java application server platform.

21 Jul 2005
Developer Tool First Look: REALbasic 2005 for Linux is on the way...
REALbasic 2005 will be available soon for developers on the Linux platform. REALbasic 2005 will allow developers who use Visual Basic 6 to migrate their development to Linux. Come see what you can look forward to in this new release.

18 May 2005
Developing for Multiple Platforms using Revolution
Richard Smith shows you how to create a simple GUI application using Revolution on SUSE Linux 9.3 and then take that exact same project and build it on Windows with no changes.

18 May 2005
Developer's Toolbox
Come get an overview of Professional Open Source from JBoss, Inc., and Open Source Java Runtime from Apache Software Foundation.

15 Apr 2005
Developer's Toolbox
This month Richard Smith takes a look at a number of development tools that will allow developers to migrate applications created on a number of different platforms using a number of different tools to Linux. Now these tools can also enable a developer to build new applications on Linux, many times using skills and knowledge learned while developing on the other platforms.

16 Feb 2005
Linux Developers Corner
A lot to cover this month in the Linux Developers Corner, with What's New at Novell Forge, BrainShare Salt Lake City information and the lowdown on a couple of new products from Novell and developer kits that help you leverage them. Let's jump right in...

16 Feb 2005
Developer's Toolbox
Linux has recently taken a significant step forward in its support of today's business needs. SLES 8 has long been a successful product both in terms of the numbers of end-user licenses and ISV support. Now with the release of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 (SLES 9), Novell has delivered an even more secure, reliable platform for open source computing in the enterprise.

18 Jan 2005
A Simple introduction to Python
To call Python a scripting language is a bit of an understatement since Python can do so much more than just scripting. Let's look at what makes Python such an attractive choice for a variety of development uses.

22 Dec 2004
Supporting Multiple Linux Distributions for software developers
We are often asked what it would take to support SUSE Linux with an application that currently is running and supported on another Linux distribution. In many cases the other Linux distribution is Red Hat. Here are some things to consider.

16 Nov 2004
Developer's Toolbox: Scripting Tools, Part 1
This is the first in a series of articles that will introduce developers to some of the many scripting and embedding options available for Linux developers. Most of the tools discussed in this series of articles will be cross-platform capable, thus allowing a developer to build on any supported platform and use the resultant scripts on other supported platforms. Many of the tools covered will be very familiar to you: Perl, PHP, and Python to mention a few. These tools will offer a variety of uses, and the purpose behind this series to expose these many choices and provide some insights into how they might benefit the developer.

11 Oct 2004
A REAL Porting Exercise
When Richard Smith decided to migrate his desktop systems at home to Linux, he faced a problem running some Visual Basic applications he had written to support one of his hobbies, an on-line horse racing simulation. He explains the process he used to determine a migration strategy and the process, including problems and some ideas for solutions.

11 Oct 2004
Developer's Toolbox: Mono: A Developer's Notebook Book review
Don't let the seemingly small size and low-key appearance of this book turn you off. If you are considering Mono as a development tool, this book should prove valuable in your learning process and as a good reference for well written code examples in the future.

17 Aug 2004
Developer's Toolbox: Mono 1.0
We've written a lot here about the Mono Project and the benefits it provides to developers. Well, a major milestone in the project has been met with the official release of Mono 1.0.

14 Jul 2004
Developer's Toolbox: Tools to Migrate Apps from Windows to Linux
This month we're going to take a look at some tools that will provide you with part of what you need to make the move from Windows to Linux. While these tools may not seem to be specifically developer focused, their goal is to facilitate the ease of migration for your applications from Windows to Linux.

02 Jun 2004
DOT NET (or Mono) and Web Services
While the open source Mono Project does not include a tool of VS .NET's capabilities, new tools are being created to provide some of this functionality for Mono running on Linux.

13 May 2004
Linux Developers Corner: Porting and Migration
This month in the Linux Developers Corner we're going to focus on porting and migration. If you don't currently develop software for the Linux platform you should find this very useful in helping you plan the transition.

13 May 2004
Developer's Toolbox: Linux Tools
We have a number of cool tools to talk about: REALbasic, Kylix and MonoDevelop. What these tools all have in common is that they allow you to take code written for the Windows platform and run it on Linux.

31 Mar 2004
Linux Developers Corner: The Ximian Build System available via Novell Forge
The Ximian build system for building and packaging software natively for a variety of platforms and packaging systems, including RPM (Red Hat, etc.), Deb (Debian), and SD (HP-UX) is now available via a GNU General Public License (GPL).

31 Mar 2004
J2EE or .NET, You choose! (Part 1)
In this first of a series on these two important technologies, we'll look at the foundations of each, the basics of how they work and some ideas on what are the considerations in using one over the other.

31 Mar 2004
Developer's Toolbox: Eclipse
This month in the Developer's Toolbox we'll take a look at the Eclipse Development Platform.

12 Feb 2004
Taking the Leap Without the .NET (Part 3)
Mono (and .NET) can be used to create and deliver very feature rich web content. In this article we will see how to use Mono to access databases, an activity at the very heart of many solutions.

14 Jan 2004
Taking the Leap Without the .NET (Part 2)
In the first article in this series we discussed the installation and testing of the basic installation of a working Mono system. In order to effectively use this article you will need to have completed the steps from that article and have a fully functional Mono installation.

05 Dec 2003
Taking the Leap Without the .NET (Part 1)
So what about .NET and Windows and Linux? Richard Smith explains how the Mono project came to be, what it has to do with Novell, and how you can get involved. Come and get your hands dirty.

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