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06 Aug 2003
Remotely getting a X Window System session from a NetWare server using Cygwin
Using Cygwin as an X server for a NetWare box works like a charm: it is fast and there are no refresh problems that I can see. Why use Cygwin? Well -- it is free! In order to get it working do the following.

18 Dec 2002
Cool Tool: LDAP Benchmark Tester
Richard Stubbs came up with this nifty tool designed to help you optimize your Filtered Replicas and Indexes by allowing you to benchmark your LDAP queries and servers.

16 Dec 2002
LDAP Benchmark Tester
Test the speed of your LDAP searches with this simple, multithreaded tester program.

23 May 2002
Get uptime and status of servers.

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