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23 Jun 2000
Installing NetShield with ZENworks for Servers
ZENworks for Servers (ZfS) includes a server software installation component called Server Software Packages (SSP). This article is not designed to cover the full feature set of the SSP, but will walk you through installing NetShield using the Server Software Package feature of ZfS.

08 Mar 2000
Tiered Electronic Distribution (TED): Improving Information Dissemination
Updating the servers can present an ongoing challenge in some systems. You can distribute SSPs by burning them to a CD; the disk can then be mailed to each location where an update is required. If you need to update your servers only occasionally, if you need to update only a handful of them, or if your bandwidth limitations restrict the size of distribution you can reasonably send, this method of distribution may be ideal for you. On the other hand, if you require that updates be performed on a regular basis or to a large number of servers, Tiered Electronic Distribution (TED) is the perfect solution. It's part of the new ZENworks for Servers, and looks to be a tremendous time-saver for lots of you. Here's an excellent discussion of how TED works, from Product Manager Rick Cox.

23 Feb 2000
Automatically purge files on a volume with ZENworks for Servers
The ZENworks for Servers (ZfS) Script policy adds functionality to ZfS with NCF files, Perl scripts, and NetBasic scripts. Using an NCF file and a useful Novell tool, Toolbox, you can automate volume purges on any server managed by ZfS.

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