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16 Oct 2007
Solving a WebAccess Web Page Issue after Upgrade
If your users are getting to the wrong starting page for WebAccess, this tip from Bob Mahar should help solve the problem.

12 Jun 2007
Load-Balancing with WebAccess
Here's some sample code that implements a simple load-balancing approach for WebAccess, courtesy of Robert Charles Mahar.

08 Nov 2006
Playing Around with XBOX (and BorderManager)
Robert Mahar shares a comprehensive approach for getting XBOX Live working smoothly with Novell BorderManager.

27 Oct 2004
Traffic Shaping Engine for NetWare 3.2.0
Heads Up: there's a newly updated version of this popular bandwidth manager / traffic shaper for NetWare. Traffic Shaping Engine (TSE) 3.2.0 NLM runs on NetWare 4.xx, 5.x, and 6.x servers to manage server bandwidth and provide traffic shaping capabilities to the NetWare OS.

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