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07 Dec 2006
Home Directory Changer 2.0
Change the attributes from one volume to another after a server consolidation.

12 Apr 2006
ZfD iPrint Mover
Resets iPrint policies to the OES Linux iPrint printers.

08 Dec 2005
ZfD Open Files 2.0
Find out which users have files open, and control workstations from the server.

23 Sep 2004
Parse DS String Values into Binary for MS Office
In the registry, MS Office user names and company names are saved in a funky kind of binary that cannot be replaced with string values from DS. This launch script will parse out the string from DS into the binary that is needed for MS office. Compliments of Robert Stout.

01 Apr 2004
Change the File Rights for App Objects using Volume Changer
This program will allow you to replace application object "File Rights" attribute based on the apps' current "File Rights" attribute. You simply browse for the volume to be replaced and then the new volume. Select the apps you want to be updated and you are done.

30 Mar 2004
Volume Changer
Changes the Volumes in the "File Rights" for app objects.

27 Nov 2002
How to Force SSL login on GroupWise WebAccess
Robert Stout shares a tip on how to force SSL login on GroupWise WebAccess without using filters or URL blocking. Get the details here.

22 Jul 2002
Simplifying Across-The-Wire Upgrades
Here's a tip from reader Robert Stout that describes how he swaps out an old server for a brand new one without making any IP address changes. Sounds like a real time saver.

09 Aug 2001
Goodbye Hosts Files
A school district administrator needed to keep admin machines from importing where the student machines were importing, and wasn't about to dink around with the host files on the individual workstations. Come nab this nifty AOT: another smooth one from Robert Stout.

24 Jul 2001
Clearing the Disconnected Value on Apps
Clear the "Disconnected" value on all the apps in the tree or just one context, compliments of Robert Stout. Great for an upgrade so all your apps don't get cached all at one time.

12 Jul 2001
Creating a Fake Name
If you're a school administrator who uses Catalog Services for contextless login, don't miss this one. Robert Stout explains his ingenious method of creating fake names to foil the pesky students who try to access each other's accounts.

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