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A Bit About Roel

Roel van Bueren is an independent consultant, trainer and author, Certified Novell Instructor and Certified Novell Engineer mostly working with GroupWise and ZENworks. Currently he is working on a book called "Preparing to install - The complete guide to MSI Application Distribution in a Novell ZENworks environment".

The Complete Works of Roel

08 Oct 2007
VMware Workstation 6.0.1 solves a ZENworks Bug
Roel van Bueren alerts us to a ZENworks bugfix in the new build of VMware Workstation 6.0.

15 Mar 2007
How to deploy Apple QuickTime 7.1.5 with ZENworks
Roel van Bueren has just posted a new tutorial article on his MSI Wisdom site that you might enjoy. He explains how to deploy QuickTime 7.1.5 using the Windows Installer and ZENworks. Enjoy

05 Dec 2006
Service Pack 2 for For BlackBerry Enterprise Server v4.1 for Novell GroupWise
Cool Solutions reader Roel van Bueren provides a heads-up for the latest service pack of the BES for GroupWise.

20 Nov 2006
FLEXnet AdminStudio ZENworks Edition 7.5
Come learn a bit more about this new release in this piece by Roel van Bueren.

31 Oct 2006
Fixing Blurry HTML in E-mail with Internet Explorer 7
Cool Solutions reader Roel van Bueren clears things up with ClearType - see what he means ...

20 Jul 2006
Using ZENworks to update your Acrobat Reader
Scrambling to update your system to the latest Acrobat Reader, now that they've found that security leak? Roel van Bueren has written a dandy article about how to use ZENworks to help simplify the process.

12 Apr 2006
Novell snAppShot versus FLEXnet AdminStudio's Repackage
Roel van Bueren explains why Novell moved away from their snAppShot utility in favor of the Windows Installer or 'MSI', when it became the common and accepted industry standard for Windows applications, and why it's a good idea to repackage legacy setups with FLEXnet AdminStudio's Repackager instead.

23 Nov 2005
Formativ Applet: Mark All Read
Marks all messages as read in the selected folder and its subfolders.

22 Nov 2005
Formativ Applet: Firefox Bookmarks
Show your Firefox bookmarks in a Formativ Portal.

21 Nov 2005
Beta Testers Needed: GW noDMS
The guys at ROVABU NetWorks have written another 'Custom-R-Tools' tool called "GW noDMS". This tool will let those who don't use GroupWise DMS remove all the GroupWise DMS-related features from their GroupWise Win32 client. They're looking for beta testers, so if you're a non-DMS kind of shop, check it out.

12 Oct 2005
MSI for Firefox 1.0.7
As a special followup to his recent Novell Connection Article, Roel van Bueren has posted an MSI you can download.

27 Jul 2005
Getting Your Hands on AdminStudio 6.0 ZENworks Edition
Novell is planning to ship AdminStudio 6.0 ZENworks Edition with ZENworks 7, but if you are a licensed customer you can download this version now. Here's the scoop.

14 Apr 2005
GroupWise 6.5.4 MSI Package
Roel van Bueren created a GroupWise 6.5.4 MSI package that he has made available for download.

08 Mar 2005
Installing Acrobat Reader 6.02 CE
Roel van Bueren of ROVABU NetWorks has graciously shared this excellent tutorial. This is part of his Windows Installer, Novell ZENworks and InstallShield AdminStudio courseware. Enjoy!

06 Jul 2004
GroupWise RSS Reader
Reads in preconfigured RSS feeds and stores them as messages in GroupWise.

01 Jul 2004
GroupWise RSS Reader Application
Roel van Bueren and Ronald de Zwart wrote a cool application that readsin preconfigured RSS feeds and stores the messages in GroupWise. You canalso use GroupWise features such as searching, filtering, and Notify tocheck out the new RSS messages. Get the details here.

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