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13 Jul 2005
AppNote: Getting Settable Parameter Values in NetWare
This How-to AppNote discusses how to obtain the values of command-line-settable parameters from a NetWare-loadable Module (NLM) and explores creating and maintaining your own settable parameters. (Freshly updated.)

02 Dec 2004
AppNote: Shimming CLib Context into NetWare Loadable Modules (NLMs) Built for LibC
This AppNote discusses how to write LibC-based NLMs that are able to consume CLib interfaces in the NLM environment.

27 Jul 2004
AppNote: Writing Alternate Debugger Command Parsers for NetWare
Adding debugger commands to help you debug your special application or library is a little understood process for NetWare. This How-to AppNote, from frequent contributor Russell Bateman, presents the details of doing it.

13 Jul 2004
AppNote: Directions in NetWare Programming
Here's another great AppNote from Russell Bateman. This one discusses the features and functionality of NetWare's programming environment for writing applications that run as NetWare-loadable Modules (NLMs) on NetWare.

30 Jun 2004
AppNote: Writing Command Parsers for NetWare
This How-to AppNote discusses how to register a command parser from a NetWare-loadable Module (NLM).

17 Jun 2004
AppNote: Writing NetWare Loadable Modules (NLMs) as Shared Libraries
This AppNote discusses how to write NetWare Loadable Modules (NLMs) that serve as shared libraries in the NLM environment. There are three traditional veins of NetWare Loadable Module (NLM) writing. Of the three, libraries have been the most vague and contradicted topic of discussion over the 15-year history of NLM writing. This topic was addressed by an extensive AppNote in May 2003, and this article updates that one for more POSIX-oriented work.

14 May 2003
AppNote Tool: NLM Development Code
How to Write NetWare Loadable Modules as Dynamic Libraries

21 Aug 2002
Writing Start-up Code for NLMs
Russell Bateman details how to get your NLMs up and running with your very own start-up code. Since Russell wrote the original NetWare start-up code, we figured this source to be one of our more credible.

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