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15 Aug 2003
Hot off the Forge: VNC for NetWare
Looking for a VNC Server NLM for NetWare? Look no further. Russell Cohen explains how they tackled this in the Novell Forge, where to get it, and how you can participate in making it even better.

22 May 2003
Advanced Installer - MSI Windows Installer Authoring Tool
If you're in the business of "rolling your own" applications for distribution within your organisation using ZfD, here's a FREEWARE MSI Windows Installer Authoring Tool you can look into.

20 Feb 2003
ZENworks in the News
Russell Cohen shares an interesting article that bodes well for our favorite product.

03 Feb 2003
Industry Coverage about Native File Access
Check out this nice review of Native File Access in a recent Tech Republic.

06 May 2002
Deploying iFolder Behind a Firewall
Russell Cohen shares a "gotcha" for those attempting to implement iFolder in the enterprise.

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