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29 Aug 2003
Getting a Clean SnAppShot of Opera
When Bjoern Gaul found that ZENworks had trouble making a clean snAppShot of Opera 7.11, he rolled up his sleeves and figured out how to do it. In true Cool Solutions fashion, he shares his discovery complete with AXT additions.

10 Jul 2003
Installation of Open Watcom 1.0 and the NDK to create NLM's
Wondering how to install Open Watcom 1.0 to program NetWare NLM's? Bjoern Gaul found the manual for original Watcom was a little lacking, so he's supplied the instructions here. (This is the beautiful thing about open source. It's all about sharing, and improving, and re-sharing. Kind of like Cool Solutions...)

30 May 2003
Making Build Script work on SUSE Linux
Bjoern found that the build script for ZENworks 3.20.1 SP1 doesn't work on SUSE Linux. Here's a slick little tip that fixes the problem.

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