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23 Dec 2002
Extra Protection from Viruses
Come see Ruud Hanegraaf's cool methods for protecting yourself against the majority of viruses, even without having an up-to-date virus scanner or all those security updates. It has helped stop viruses which slipped through the scanner or which were so brand new, they didn't have updates for the definition files yet.

01 Nov 2000
Disabling UNC Conversion
I saw your answer in the Q&A section to the question about disabling the UNC conversion. You told TB the registry key for the document path, but if the user changes this path from within Word, it will again save the new path to the registry in UNC format. I think the key he is looking for is this one.

14 Jun 2000
Accessing a URL from Anywhere
I discovered this one when I had to find a way to access certain pages on our intranet site from within our SAP ERP systems, while using all kinds of different browsers.

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