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Ruud van der Zwet

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My first contact with Novell NetWare was in 1990 with Netware 2.11, 3.12, 4.10. In 2000 I certified for MCNE 5 and 6 and GroupWise CNE. Of all Novells software GroupWise is my favorite. I like to visit Brainshare and GroupWise events.
A couple of years ago I started with Suse Linux and I like it very much, it's a complete new dimension for me, but the things you can do are amazing.
Identity Management will be my next focus.

The Complete Works of Ruud

09 Nov 2007
Migrating CIFS to Samba on OES
Ruud van der Zwet explains how to migrate CIFS shares on OES NetWare to Samba shares on OES Linux.

11 Sep 2007
Locating GroupWise User Objects with Missing eDirectory Counterparts
Ruud van der Zwet explains how to locate disassociated GroupWise objects.

27 Jul 2007
OES Migration
Ruud van der Zwet shares instructions for a project that migrates five OES NetWare servers to one OES Linux server.

17 Jul 2007
GroupWise Secure LDAP Authentication
Ruud van der Zwet shares a tip that helps you successfully authenticate over secure LDAP to GroupWise.

19 Dec 2006
Migrating E-mail from iMail to GroupWise
Cool Solutions reader Ruud van der Zwet figured out a practical drag-and-drop method for migrating users from iMail to GroupWise. Find out about it here ...

20 Oct 2005
Connecting Evolution to Exchange
Ruud van der Zwet explains to us his experience of successfully getting his Evolution email client to communicate with Microsoft Exchange.

23 Aug 2005
GroupWise PDA Connect Tool
With GroupWise 6.5 SP3 or later, you can use the GroupWise PDA Connect Tool to synchronize your Palm or PocketPC PDA with your GroupWise mailbox.

30 Sep 2004
Cool Tip: Solving Import Address Book Error in GroupWise 6.5 SP2 Dutch Client
Solving Import Address Book Error in GroupWise 6.5 SP2 Dutch Client

09 Oct 2002
iFolder Fault Tolerance
Here's a nifty way to have iFolder Fault Tolerance. Great idea!

26 Sep 2002
A Simple Way to Recreate Deleted GroupWise Users
Ruud van der Zwet shares an easy way to recreate a deleted GroupWise user and restore their mail, appointments, etc... Check it out.

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