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Sandy has worked for Novell for over twelve years. She has been on the Novell Small Business team since 1998. She enjoys programming in Assembly but has resigned herself to programming in C, in order to work on such a fun project, and discovered that it's not a bad language after all!

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09 Feb 2001
Why Can't I Ping my Server when I can Ping my Workstations?
Check out this great new tip that could help you troubleshoot your Internet connectivity.

11 Feb 2000
NSBS 5 Install Magic: Loading the CD-ROM Device Driver
Anyone examining the autoexec.bat of the NSBS 5 license diskette will discover that it is loading device drivers after the initial boot sequence. This is puzzling to a lot of people because it is backwards from the usual order, and we thought it would be a good idea to explain why it works that way, and offer some things you can try if it's not working well for you.

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