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New Tool Generates XDS Test Files
DirXML Cool Solutions Article
by Lindsay Curtis
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Posted: 20 Oct 2003

Many thanks to Lindsay Curtis for supplying this slick tool that helps you generate your own XDS files for use in testing DirMXL implementations.

Download your own copy from our Cool Tools area at http://www.novell.com/coolsolutions/tools/1767.html

Here's some background info:

Using XDSInput

  1. Select the Type of XDS event you want to create. "add, delete, ..."
  2. Set values for the attributes of the event.
  3. Click "Run" to generate the event.
  • For an "add" event the file created would be add.xml.
  • Note: If you click "Run" nothing happens, be sure to verify that the "Input Directory" is a valid path. The default directory is "C:\XML\input".