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Life Support: Novell GroupWise Cross-platform Client

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By Novell Connection Magazine, Sean Kirkby

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Posted: 16 Sep 2004

Life Support - by Sean Kirkby
Novell GroupWise cross-platform client
Novell Connection Magazine - Sep/Oct 2004

The GroupWise cross-platform client is another example of how Novell is making life simpler. This article discusses the nuts and bolts of installing, running and configuring this powerful messaging tool.

Here's an excerpt:

Novell has consistently demonstrated a commitment to meet the business-critical messaging needs of the marketplace. In fact, Novell has a long history as one of the industry's leading innovators in messaging and collaboration. From involvement with the development of the early MHS standard, through the acquisitions of GroupWise and development of NetMail, Novell has been a key player in the market. Add the acquisition of Ximian with the Evolution e-mail client and SUSE Linux and the OpenExchange server and it's clear Novell understands the need for messaging and collaboration.

With the acquisition of SUSE Linux, and the vigorous championing of the Linux desktop, Novell must provide rich, enterprise-class messaging solutions on the Linux platform. Indeed, the Linux desktop is not a viable business solution without fullfeatured messaging clients for the users and an enterprise-class messaging backend in the server room. With the recent release of GroupWise 6.5 for Linux, and the impending release of Evolution v2, Novell definitely hits the mark.

With the GroupWise 6.5 for Linux release, Novell has released a Java-based cross-platform client that is rich in its feature set, easy in its installation, and fast and stable in its operation. This new client is definitely a welcomed departure from previous solutions to non-Windows messaging client needs. Its feature set more closely resembles the Windows client than any of its cross-platform predecessors, and the ease of installation and speed of operation will surprise even the most optimistic GroupWise fan. The slick interface is so much like its Windows counterpart, it even prompted one of our most Linux-purist technicians to exclaim, "I can't believe I'm actually running the GroupWise client on Linux...".

In addition, the Evolution development crew has teamed up with the GroupWise camp, and together they have provided an alternative to the rich GroupWise client that integrates well with the GroupWise backend. The release of Evolution v2 includes native support for connecting to the Linux version of the GroupWise POA (support for Windows and NetWare agents is planned for the future). Unlike the current support by Evolution for Microsoft Exchange Server, which requires an extra "connector" plug-in, Evolution v2 supports GroupWise servers as a built-in feature. Once you install Evolution v2, you automatically have support for GroupWise. Using IMAP, SMTP and a new SOAP-based protocol implemented in the GroupWise for Linux POA, Evolution v2 is able to provide native access to e-mail, calendar items and contacts in a GroupWise mailbox.

In a previous article, you learned how to create a GroupWise 6.5 system with agents running on a Linux server. In this article, We'll take a look at how to install and configure both the GroupWise 6.5 crossplatform client and the Evolution v2.0 client with GroupWise support.

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