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Evaluation Guide: Novell Account Management 3

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Posted: 3 Jan 2003

Posted: 3 Jan 2003

If you're looking onto Novell Account Management (NAM) 3, here's a fact-packed Evaluation Guide that spells out all the details.

Here's where to get the guide:

Here's an excerpt:

Novell Account Management 3 is a cross-platform access-management product that enables many server platforms to work together reliably, as one Net. With Novell Account Management 3, you can manage user accounts, passwords and authentication for all of your server platforms from a single point of administration. Novell Account Management 3 distributes any changes you make to account information to every server on your network-instantaneously.
Novell Account Management 3 has been enhanced with several new features, such as a Web-browser-based console, native script support, authentication redirection, account management for both users and groups and centralized administration. Novell Account Management 3 supports more platforms than previous versions, and supports password synchronization for all platforms.
Novell Account Management 3 integrates with Novell eDirectory and DirXML, a bi-directional data-sharing service, to centralize management and to automatically manage data, information and business processes throughout the network.

Here's a list of topics covered:

  • Quick Profile
  • Installation Requirements
  • Product Overview
  • Who Uses Novell Account Management
  • Features And Benefits
  • How Novell Account Management 3 Works
  • Installing Novell Account Management
  • Pricing
  • Novell Secure Access
  • Glossary

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