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Product Update: Novell Account Management Service Pack 2

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Posted: 18 Feb 2004

Posted: 19 Feb 2004

Service Pack 2 for NAM 3 is out and it packs quite a punch. If you want to cut to the chase, get the download here: nam30sp2.exe

Below is a list of the different areas that are impacted by this update. For the full details see TID-2967796

  1. General
    1. Provide full install option for new customers.
    2. Resolve an SSL potential security problem with remote timing attacks by updating to Open SSL to 0.9.6.j
    3. DNS resolution on NetWare fixed

  2. Novell Account Management 3.0 Manager
    1. Fixed chunked encoding problems when displaying large pages in the web administrator.
    2. Prevent aliases to objects other than users or groups from being added to the census.
    3. Fixed potential "processor hog" problems during trawl phase 0.
    4. Fixed potential crash during trawl phase 3. This problem could also manifest itself as erroneous messages in the operational log: "Removed events and Platform Associations for obsolete Platforms from in Platform Set ."
    5. Correct the use of org roles to specify inclusion in the census or platform set.
    6. Fixed abend caused by trying to process events on enterpriseUser objects that are in manual platform sets.
    7. Fixed problem with processing users/groups with duplicate GUIDs.
    8. Use asynchronous retrieval during trawl phase 3 to reduce memory requirements.
    9. Use groupMembership rather than securityEquals to retrieve group membership information.
    10. Give the ability to change the LDAP timeout in the web interface.
    11. Fixed mutex problem that occurs on manager shutdown in certain scenarios.
    12. Fixed display problem with empty cell in table.
    13. Added Re-Populate feature so that a user can be resent to a platform.
    14. There is now an option to preserve the case of passwords replicated to platforms, rather than lowercasing them (which is the default).
    15. Fix the one-minute delay in processing events on users or groups that also have aliases.
    16. Fixes for problems with the processing of aliases in the Manager.
    17. Allow the top-level container to work correctly in the census exclude list.
    18. Fix problem of users being erroneously added to all platform sets.
    19. Support wildcards for the census exclude list.
    20. Improved password processing reliability for new objects created with passwords.
    21. Added the ability under provisioning details to resend an object on a specific platform
    22. Correct the processing of events on org roles (adding or removing role occupants).
    23. Fixed a infrequent problem where the manager network address could not be updated.
    24. Improve the method for distinguishing between moves and duplicate guids.

  3. Novell Account Management 3.0 Agent
    1. Added ability for agent to check time restriction map to authorize/unauthorize authentications from redirection platforms.

  4. Novell Account Management 3.0 DirXML Event Listener
    1. Users can disable DSTrace for the Unix DirXML drivers, which works around a problem creating a trace object on these platforms.
    2. An abend on the Linux event listener was fixed.
    3. The driver should no longer cause NDSd to spike in utilization.
    4. Added notes for updating subscriber filter to include the ASAM-pChangeList and GUID attributes for ASAM-agent objects.

  5. Novell Account Management 3.0 Platform Receiver
    1. Additional enhancements for hundreds of platform receivers.
    2. Allow better handling for stopping and restarting receivers.
    3. Fixed problem in Asam.vbs (AD script) with it not recognizing the wildcard in asamwin.conf file. Symptoms of the problem were users being moved to the user container of AD when being added to a group.
    4. Fixed problem in Check.wsf (NT Domain Script) that wouldn't allow an asam managed group to be recreated if deleted from the domain.
    5. Fixed a problem in the platform receiver for Windows that always forces the user to change their password on the next login if not synchronizing password expiration attributes.
    6. Give the ability to have a different asamAccountName from the eDir CN.
    7. Give the ability Set the Login Expiration Time attribute in AD.
    8. Added homeDirectory_sample.vbs for Windows
    9. Added support for double quotes enclosing the directory name in the Asamwin.conf file.
    10. Fix asam.vbs to allow directory names with embedded blanks in name, names must be enclosed in single quotes.

  6. Novell Account Management 3.0 Platform Services Process
    1. Added support for pltdashs to handle DNS in manager certificates. This caused problems during installation.
    2. Add support for SAMBA password synchronization with eDir password for Unix, AIX, and Linux platform services.
    3. Changed aix method for checking whether or not passwords need to be updated from getpwnam_r to getuserpw
    4. Enhanced INCLUDE/EXCLUDE support for generics using \a, \n, \x, \s, and \?. Also now supports multiple wildcards within a string.

  7. Novell Account Management 3.0 Platform Client API
    1. Fixed a problem where PAM was ignoring the login expiration time.
    2. Fix client expiration message on some clients.

  8. Novell Account Management 3.0 Novell Client Password Intercept
    1. Fixed problem in the Client32 Intercept Unattended Installation where the setup program would not execute if launched from a network drive as opposed to a local workstation drive.

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