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Account Management Upgrade to Novell Identity Manager 2

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Posted: 29 Jun 2004

Posted: 29 Jun 2004

Novell has announced that all Novell Account Management customers using Novell Account Management 2.1 for Active Directory, Novell Account Management 3.0 for Windows, Novell Account Management 3.0 for Unix, Novell Account Management 3.0 for Mainframe, or the Novell Account Management 3.0 Suite, with current upgrade protection or maintenance, are eligible to upgrade directly to Novell Nsure Identity Manager 2.

MLA Customers please note: Current payment of Novell Account Management maintenance by customers transitioning to Identity Manager will cover Identity Manager maintenance until the Novell Account Management maintenance expires. Subsequent renewal of maintenance will be paid on the Novell Nsure Identity Manager product components.

It is important to note that the transition to Nsure Identity Manager 2 is not a requirement for Novell Account Management customers, but is offered only because some Novell Account Management customers will benefit now from moving directly to Identity Manager. The planned roadmap for Novell Account Management is to merge with the Identity Manager product line, but not until all significant functionality found in Novell Account Management can be found in Identity Manager. Novell plans to release a new version of the Account Management connectors in Q3 of 2004, under the Identity Manager brand. This will be the natural upgrade path for those using Novell Account Management 3.

Those customers who require functionality found in Novell Account Management but not in Identity Manager, like platform sets (fan-out drivers), native script handling, windows standalone workgroup mode, or authentication redirection, will benefit from the new release of the Novell Account Management connectors planned for Q3 of 2004. Those customers who do not require that functionality, or who need bi-directional data flow, to and from connected platforms, will benefit from being able to upgrade directly to Identity Manager 2 now.

Customers should visit the Customer Care Portal to execute the upgrade.

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