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Novell Identity Manager Driver 1.0 for MVS RACF

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Posted: 29 Jun 2004

Posted: 29 Jun 2004

Nsure Identity Manager Driver 1.0 for MVS RACF is a component of the Nsure Identity Manager Driver Group for Mainframes. This driver works with Nsure Identity Manager 2 (formerly DirXML) to provide interoperability between MVS RACF-supported systems and Novell eDirectory. It uses extensible markup language (XML) to convert eDirectory commands and events into XML data that can be understood by RACF and vice versa.

Although RACF and eDirectory store and process information in very different ways, this driver ensures that vital user and group information stays synchronized across your entire enterprise. The data flow between RACF and eDirectory is bi-directional and fully customizable; you select whether the flow originates with eDirectory, RACF, both, or neither. This enables you to specify an authoritative source of user information based on your unique business methods and needs.

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