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By Scott M. Morris

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Posted: 20 Jan 2005

For a lot of people these days, a great gaming platform is unquestionably essential. We have games on our watches, phones, and PDAs. We are certainly a gaming society. To feed the frenzy, there are two games that run on Linux that I suggest.

The first one is called BZFlag. This is a first-person shooter. In this game everyone plays as a tank. The general idea is to try and shoot enemy tanks without getting hit yourself. When you start the game, you get a menu:

In OPTIONS, you set rendering, sound, gui, and network preferences.:

To get back to the previous screen, press ESC. In HELP, there are several screenfuls of information about BZFlag, what it is, and how to play the different variations of it:

Once you've read all of the instructions, you are ready to begin play. Back in the Main Menu, select JOIN GAME. Another screen appears:

On this screen, the first thing to do is to enter your callsign. Then, select FIND SERVER. In the list of servers that comes up, select the server you want, and press ENTER:

Press ESC to return to the previous screen. You will see that the information for the server you selected is filled in on the screen:

When you are ready to play, select CONNECT, and you're whisked off to a server to play a round of BZFlag. This game is great for a handful of reasons. It is totally, completely, and in all other ways FREE! It also has some decent graphics:

Perhaps the funnest part about this game is that you are playing with other people. You can get a feel for how well you stack up against the other BZFlag addicts of the world. This is me making a kill:

BZFlag is one of the best, funnest games available. It's quite configurable, plays well, and allows you to interact with other people. It is very addicting, and is overall a great game.

The other game I wanted to recommend is called Barrage. It does not come with SUSE, but the RPM should be very easy to download and install. It is free, as well.

The idea with this game is that you try and shoot as many targets as you can in 3 minutes. There are many factors that make this task challenging. The targets are moving, you lose points for every shot that you take and every time that you reload, and the time is always ticking.

When you load it up, you have a few choices:

ENTER SHOOTING RANGE will begin the game. You have three minutes to hit as many targets as you can:

RECEIVE BRIEFING takes you to the explanation and instructions for playing the game.

TOPGUNNERS will display the high scores:

The more you get into it, you realize that it takes more concentration than you thought. The better you are at placing the exact location of the shots, the faster your score gets higher. It's a simple game, but it gets quite addicting.

Games are wonderful stress relievers. They are also useful for saving one from boredom. Plus, they are generally just fun. Linux has quite a number of quality games to offer. BZFlag and Barrage are just two of them. I highly recommend them both if you are looking for some quality games to play in Linux.

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