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CaminoSoft StandbyServer for NetWare - High Availability for Identity Manager

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Posted: 24 Jan 2005

Identity Manager High Availability with CaminoSoft StandbyServer for NetWare

Thanks to Novell Engineering's Rick Moore for verifying and endorsing this Cool Solution from CaminoSoft ( NetWare customers now have a way to protect and ensure continuous availability for Nsure Identity Manager servers.

Nsure Identity Manager, executing on other platforms (e.g., Linux), can be configured for high availability and failover. However, there has been no such solution to date available for customers running on NetWare servers. Identity Manager's use of eDirectory as its policy repository prevents Novell Cluster Services from providing high availability to an Identity Manager server (NCS cannot fail over the SYS volume where eDirectory is stored).


CaminoSoft StandbyServer for NetWare provides high availability and automatic server failover protection. In addition, it maintains fully sychronized volume replicas - including eDirectory and the identity vault. A single StandbyServer can protect multiple NetWare servers. It can can work from a single shared storage pool or a mirrored storage replica of each configured primary Identity Manager and/or other NetWare servers. In the event that just the storage subsystem in the primary server fails, the mirrored replica from the standby machine will be automatically deployed by the primary server and processing will continue without interruption. If the primary server fails entirely, the StandbyServer will take over the identity of the failed primary server and its users will automatically migrate to the new server.

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