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How's the Weather, in Gnome?

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By Jason Jones

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Posted: 26 Jan 2005

After Scott wrote his article about how to get local weather updates for KDE, I knew I couldn't go too long without writing one for the Gnome community.

Getting weather updates for Gnome is just as easy as getting them in KDE... So let's begin.

To start simply right-click anywhere on an unused portion of your main tool-bar.

You'll see a menu appear.

Follow Add To Panel -> Accessories -> Weather Report

After clicking on Weather Report wait a few seconds and you'll see the following icon appear. (of course, because of the nature of the program, the actual information displayed will vary)

You might see a question mark icon instead of the temperature. This could mean a couple of things.

  • It could mean you don't have a connection to the Internet.
  • It could also mean it's currently getting the appropriate information. It shouldn't last too long in this case.
The first thing to do after activating the program is hover your mouse over the icon and see what information is displayed.

You'll notice my weather location defaulted to Pittsburgh. I live in Provo, so I want Provo's weather.

In order to change the location, simply right-click on the weather icon and choose Preferences

After clicking on the Preferences selection, you'll see a window open up that has a "General" and a "Location" tab. Go ahead and click on the Location tab.

There is a drop-down list of the places the program supports. In my case, I simply navigate to the "Utah" list, click the arrow, and select "Provo" underneath.

Immediately upon selection, my icon's information updated and I was good to go.

The "General" tab has a few options worth mentioning.

I changed my update time to 15 minutes instead of the default 30. I also like having the radar map to look at, so I turned that on too.

Now if the current weather and conditions aren't enough for you, you'll be glad to know there's a bit more info we can squeeze from this application.

If you right click on the icon, and click on Forecast...

You'll see the following window appear.

Here you'll be able to see more detailed info as well as a 5 or 6 day forecast.

If you've got the radar turned on, you'll also have the option to see a map of your location that shows a radar image of the weather. It's really quite convenient..

Just one more thing Linux does for you to make your life a little easier.

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