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GEE Whiz 2.0 Public BETA Now Available

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Posted: 10 Feb 2005

GEE Whiz 1.x was the first Anti-Spam product for GroupWise GWIA and NetMail to leverage Spam Assassin and run directly on NetWare. GEE Whiz 2.0 builds on that success and brings a number of new firsts and other new features to help counter the on-going changes in spam strategies. For more information or to download the GEE Whiz 2.0 Public BETA, go to

The Top 10 Reasons Why People are Excited About GEE Whiz 2.0 Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus for GroupWise and NetMail

  1. The opportunity to win a FREE pass to BrainShare 2005 by attending a GEE Whiz web seminar. Okay, that's not really a first or a feature, but people are excited about attending BrainShare free of charge!

  2. GEE Whiz 2.0 runs on your choice of Linux or NetWare (Windows support to come in March, 2005). No additional hardware or software is required to run GEE Whiz.

  3. GEE Whiz 2.0 provides full support for all Spam Assassin 3.0 rule sets. This includes all standard and custom rules sets. If it works with Spam Assassin, it works with GEE Whiz 2.0 on NetWare or Linux.

  4. GEE Whiz 2.0 is the first Anti-Spam solution for GroupWise GWIA and NetMail to implement a NetWare-based server and configuration file auto-update process. Once you've installed GEE Whiz, all you have to do is run the update on your server and it retrieves any new application changes and Spam Assassin rule sets from our update server.

  5. GEE Whiz 2.0 is more effective at detecting spam with only 500 HAM and 500 SPAM required to build a Bayesian token set, rather than previous versions which required 10,000 SPAM and 2,500 HAM.

  6. To the best of our knowledge, GEE Whiz is the first GWIA Anti-Spam solution that runs on NetWare and Linux that takes advantage of SURBL - a new destination-based URL identifier. The objective of all spammers is to get a user to click a link in an email. SURBL provides a "destination-link" identifier. Think of SURB as RBL for destination URLs in the email Subject or Message.

  7. GEE Whiz 2.0 provides the highest measure of flexibility of any Anti-Spam solution. All GEE Whiz functions are controlled by a LUA scripting language. This allows you to modify all GEE Whiz functions or add your own. GEE Whiz scripting provides the ultimate "roll your own" for companies that need to modify how GEE Whiz handles mail in their specific processes.

  8. And there is more to come! Stay tuned for GEE Whiz 2.0 SMTP scanner's Public BETA in March.

  9. Did we mention GEE Whiz MTA Scanner and Mailbox Scanner? Yes, MTA Scanner scans all email going through your MTA for viruses. (NetWare Only). GEE Whiz Mailbox Scanner allows you to check all of the email in a Post Office. If you need to extract the contents of email from your Post Office accounts or check your Post Office for Viruses or deal with other email compliance issues, Mailbox Scanner is the answer. Requires GroupWise 6.5 SP2 with a Windows Client.

  10. A 20% competitive upgrade discount for companies interested in upgrading to GEE Whiz 2.0, the new leader in GroupWise and NetMail Anti-Spam.

Well, those are the top 10 reasons people are excited about GEE Whiz 2.0 and its family of GroupWise and NetMail Security products.

Attend an on-line web seminar at and be eligible to win a FREE pass to BrainShare 2005.

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