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Novell's Long-term Plans for GroupWise - Q&A

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Posted: 11 Feb 2005

GroupWise, Novell's award-winning collaboration solution, continues to be an integral part of Novell's corporate strategy with three releases planned over the next four years.

Questions and Answers:

  1. What is Novell announcing?

  2. Novell unveiled a view of our long-term plans for our flagship collaboration product, Novell GroupWise, including plans for three releases over the next four years. Novell's roadmap firmly underscores the status of GroupWise as an integral part of Novell's corporate strategy and emphasizes the vital role traditional Novell products play in the company's future. The next release of GroupWise, codenamed ?Sequoia,? is due to be released in the summer of 2005, followed by ?Aspen? and ?Cedar,? targeted for fall 2006 and spring 2008, respectively.

  3. Why is Novell announcing the next three releases of GroupWise, and why now?
    Novell has a strong commitment to GroupWise and we're excited about the rich future it has. Novell has adjusted its corporate strategy over the last couple of years, embracing Linux and open source software. So we want to be very clear that Novell GroupWise is a planned piece of our overall company strategy and that GroupWise is the flagship product for our collaboration strategy. Our GroupWise customers are very loyal and have historically upgraded very quickly to new versions. We wanted to give our current and future GroupWise customers an advance look at what Novell is planning for GroupWise's future.

  4. Is the importance of GroupWise diminished because of Novell's other collaboration offerings?
    Novell GroupWise has always been and will continue to be Novell's flagship communication and collaboration product. According to IDC, GroupWise has an installed base of 35 million users. GroupWise is a significant revenue stream for Novell because it serves thousands of organizations well on their platform of choice.

  5. What about NetMail?
    Novell NetMail is known for providing standards-based e-mail and calendaring. NetMail is extremely scalable but is not nearly as richly featured as Novell GroupWise. NetMail works in conjunction with GroupWise and other collaboration systems, providing cost-effective calendaring and messaging to users who do not need a richly featured collaboration system. This makes NetMail a key product for introducing the technical excellence of Novell to organizations that have already chosen a different primary collaboration system than GroupWise.

  6. What about Netline Open-Xchange (formerly SUSE Linux Openexchange Server)?
    Open-Xchange is an open source alternative to Microsoft Exchange for small businesses, produced by Netline Internet Service. Netline is a Novell ISV partner, and Novell offers Netline Open-Xchange through a reseller agreement with Netline for small customers seeking a completely open source replacement for Microsoft Exchange. Open-Xchange was previously branded as SUSE Linux Openexchange and was the primary collaboration offering from SUSE before their acquisition by Novell. Since that time, Netline has joined the Novell Partner Network and Novell now offers Open-Xchange to continue supporting historic SUSE Linux customers.

  7. How can I learn more about GroupWise Sequoia?
    ?Sequoia? will be unveiled at our annual BrainShare customer conference in March in Salt Lake City. We have also posted a sneak peek at Sequoia on the GroupWise product page:

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