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By Richard Smith

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Posted: 15 Feb 2005

A lot to cover this month in the Linux Developers Corner, with What's New at Novell Forge, BrainShare Salt Lake City information and the lowdown on a couple of new products from Novell and developer kits that help you leverage them. Let's jump right in...

New at Novell Forge

Directory/Identity Management Community
NAScent is a project for managing network storage using the directory. When finished, it will be able to be used by content providers to control access to content over a network. In other words, an administrator can determine what content (files, folders) is available via which services (FTP, HTTP, WebDAV, CVS, etc.) over the network to which users, based upon the user, groups the user belongs to, and roles the user has within that group.

We hope that this solution will be valuable not only to CMS builders but to anyone who has to make content available to users over a network. We'd love your feedback and involvement if interested. Migrate over to the NAScent project page for more details.

Mono Community

Introduction to Mono - Your first Mono app
Brian Delahunty at The Code Project has started a series of articles, the first of which is entitled "Introduction to Mono - Your first Mono app" You can view this article at:

What is the Code Project you ask? The Code Project is a community of Visual Studio .NET developers joined together with a common goal: To learn, to teach, to have fun programming. Developers from all over the world come together to share source code, tutorials and knowledge for free to help their fellow programmers. This includes a section on cross platform .NET development, including Mono.

Novell Open Enterprise Server

Open Enterprise Server converges the expertise from commercial and open-source networking leaders to deliver the best knowledge-worker infrastructure, networking and application services environment.

Novell? Open Enterprise Server is a secure, highly available suite of services that provide proven file, print and application services in an open environment. Unlike other server platforms that either force vendor lock-in or are not sufficiently supported for the enterprise-level customer, Novell Open Enterprise Server brings together two platforms, incorporating the best from both open source and commercial networking leaders. Novell Open Enterprise Server combines NetWare?, the long-standing leader of secure file, print and network-management services, and SUSE? LINUX Enterprise Server, a leading open platform for delivering business-level applications. Together, customers get common management tools, directory-enabled services and an entire ecosystem of support backed by Novell.

Novell Open Enterprise Server provides a networking foundation where NetWare and SUSE Linux coexist and interoperate within your infrastructure. Using integrated upgrade and migration utilities, you can select the platform mix that is best suited for your needs. Moreover, common management utilities enable you to manage both platforms using the same tools, which simplify daily administration. Encompassing both the NetWare and SUSE Linux platforms, Novell Open Enterprise Server delivers some of the best technologies and services developed by the open source community, as well as fully developed proprietary services that routinely solve business problems for enterprise customers.

Open Enterprise Server and Developers

Novell provides a set of Software Development Kits (SDKs) and development tools to enable developers of all types to create and deploy applications on Open Enterprise Server.

Open Enterprise Server as a deployment platform provides proven operating systems, application services and frameworks (such as J2EE and Mono/.NET), database, networking, communication, collaboration, and management services all in an open, easy-to-deploy environment. Unlike other server platforms that force vendor lock-in or are not sufficiently supported for the enterprise-level customer, Open Enterprise Server incorporates the best from both open source and enterprise networking leaders.

Open Enterprise Server supports the x86 platform and includes:

  • The SUSE Linux 2.6 kernel and all services that are in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9
  • The NetWare kernel and all services currently in NetWare 6.5 along with additional enhancements that are in development
  • Many services that are in Nterprise Linux Services 1.0 and additional services that are in development
  • Integrated common management tools to allow coexistence and management of platforms

Open Enterprise Server supports or includes many open source technologies that can be leveraged by developers, including Apache, Tomcat, Mono, JBoss, mySQL, PostgreSQL, Samba, rsync, YaST, etc.

Follow this link to SDKs and tools that support development to the operating systems, network, and application services that comprise Open Enterprise Server.

Get the Novell Linux Desktop SDK

Novell Linux Desktop (NLD) SDK is a comprehensive development tool kit that is designed to support developers, as well as Independent Hardware Vendors (IHVs) and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), to create applications on or port them to NLD enterprise products.

This SDK is based on and requires Novell Linux Desktop.

It's multi-platform capabilities ensure that nearly all tools are available on Linux platforms. It features several integrated development environments (IDEs), support for programming languages (including C, C++, Java Perl, Python, and PHP), as well as additional development tools like debuggers and graphic design programs. The SDK also contains most of the tools that were used to produce SLES. Link to the Novell Forge project for the Novell Linux Desktop SDK here.

More Mono News

Zamples Launches Free Live Code Examples for C# and VB.NET using Mono

Collaborative Code Server Supports On-line Learning and Code Reuse to Increase Developer Productivity

Zamples, Inc. is pleased to announce support for live online code examples written in C# and VB.NET. Zamples enables software developers to quickly learn new programming languages and APIs by playing with live online code examples. Code examples are displayed in an HTML page and are automatically compiled and executed on the server. 'Learning by doing' is a very quick and effective way of learning, and the code examples are executed in a secure and deterministic manner. C# and VB.NET join the other computer languages that we currently support: Bash; Groovy; Haskell; HTML; Java 1.4, 5 and 6; JSP; Perl; Python and Ruby.

People use programming interfaces so that they can interact with application programs, which increasingly reside on remote computers. Zamples is particularly useful for code examples that illustrate how to program server-side and web services applications. The addition of C# and VB.NET allows us to support development communities clustered around APIs with live code examples written in the programming languages of each user's individual choice.

The open source Mono development platform was a logical choice for Zamples to compile and execute CLR-based languages such as C# and VB.NET. Our public servers run Linux and Mono's Linux support is excellent.

An initial set of code examples is freely available and can be found at Mono developers are invited to add their own examples to the online repository. Organizations that publish programming interfaces are invited to contact us in order that Zamples can provide a live code example facility for their APIs.

Time for sharing our brains!

Novell BrainShare 2005 - Are you registered yet? BrainShare is one of the smartest things you can do for your career. Smart because for five unforgettable days in March you will have the opportunity soak up the collective wisdom and insight of some of the brightest minds in the business-industry experts and noted Novell engineers who can answer some of your most technical questions and give you a glimpse into future discoveries, trends and innovations.

Smart because you can network with peers from around the globe and experience the unparalleled freedom of open source. So what are you waiting for? Be smart. Reserve your place in the next Upload - March 20-25 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

It is hard to believe that it's time for BrainShare again, but it is! And as a developer this year will be another banner year for learning about new development related topics from Novell and you might even have a bit of fun in the process.

We're hard at work putting together the Developer Den that has become such an important part of the BrainShare events. The Developer Den is the focal point of all of the developer activities that happen at BrainShare. Surrounding the Den in Salt Lake City you'll find the session rooms that house the many developer lectures and hands-on sessions that will send you home a more knowledgeable developer. With special focus on porting and migration for developers this year, you're sure to find a number of useful sessions.

Lot's to learn! And we'll even test the knowledge you gain from the developer sessions and you might walk away with some really cool stuff.

And if you find yourself a bit overloaded from learning you'll discover the Den to be a welcome haven from the hustle and bustle of the main venue area and sessions. Relax and watch a movie, have some cookies or try your hand at one of the Linux gaming challenges we have planned. After a few minutes relaxing in the Den you'll be revitalized and eager to go learn more.

So if you are not already registered hurry and don't miss all that BrainShare has to offer. It will be one of the most productive events you'll attend. See you there.

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