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Tool Time for eDirectory - March 9, 2005

Novell Cool Solutions: Feature

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Posted: 8 Mar 2005

Cool Solutions has gathered a lot of eDirectory tools over the past few years. Many are free, some are shareware, and some are eval copies of commercial products. We regularly feature a new set of tools from the Novell eDirectory Cool Tools grab bag.

Featured eDirectory Tools - March 9, 2005

This week's featured Novell eDirectory tools:

Date/time stamp log entries - Generate log entries with a date and time stamp.
Freeware, by Bryan Keadle
Contents: .zip with application and batch file
Notes: Here's a command line tool that will easily generate log entries with a date and time stamp - useful for identifying "active" scripts.

Photo 1.03 - A utility for importing pictures into eDirectory.
Freeware by Hans Boone
Contents: .zip file with application
Notes: This is a small and simple program that will scan a directory structure for jpg-files and use the filename for a match in the eDirectory (any string attribute of the (user) object). If it finds a match, then the program will read the file and save the data into the eDirectory.

LDAP Error Count 2.0 - Count all the LDAP error codes in a dstrace or iMonitor log file.
Freeware by Jim Schnitter
Contents: .zip file with Perl script
Notes: Administrators can use this tool to quickly determine the result of every LDAP operation. It works in conjunction with log files created as per TID 10062292. The tool presents a report of every LDAP result code found in the log file. The result codes are also translated into a descriptive message.

List Address 2.0 - List users' network addresses.
Freeware by Jim Schnitter
Contents: .zip file with Perl script
Notes: List all the network workstations from which the user has logged in. The user's id, full name and the IP addresses of the workstations are all printed. The administrator has to specify a server that has LDAP running. In addition, a container must be set to query for users.

NoClone: Find Duplicate Files - Find and remove duplicate files; true byte-by-byte comparison.
Shareware, free trial Reasonable Software House
Contents: .exe file
Notes: True Byte-to-byte comparison, not by CRC; search duplicate file contents regardless of file name; search duplicate files, file portions, file name, simple fuzzymatch; smart deletion - select files by size/ date/ version/ pattern/folder.

NDS2Shell (little sister of NDS2Word) - Checks the folder redirection from info in eDirectory and fixes it on the workstation.
Freeware by Alex Warmerdam
Contents: .zip file with application and readme
Notes: This tool detects if you have the rights to set your folder redirection to a new place. If so, it will change the registry key for you and create any missing directory.

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