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Deployment Guide: With NetWare 6, Upgrade to SLP v2 When You're Ready

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Posted: 5 Nov 2001

Service Location Protocol version 2 (SLP v2) offers major enhancements to SLP v1. These enhancements correct design flaws and oversights in SLP v1, such as eliminating packet size limitations and implementing new standard practices recommended by the Internet Engineering Steering Group (IESG).

NetWare 6 uses SLP to dynamically discover services that are available on the network. This protocol specifies the use of various agents, including User Agents (UAs) for clients and Service Agents (SAs) for servers.

With NetWare 6 you can run both SLP v1 and SLP v2 in the same network -- a claim not every OS can make. The NetWare 6 install places both versions of the SLP protocol on your server. NetWare 6 can communicate with both versions so you can take advantage of the enhanced capabilities of SLP v2 without having to rip and replace SLP v1.

There's a nifty new Deployment Guide that can help you make the most of this new NetWare 6 functionality.

The new guide covers the ins and outs of integrating these new protocols in in your NetWare 6 environment.

The topics that are covered include:

  • Moving to SLP v2 at Your Own Pace
  • Integrating SLP v1 and SLP v2 in a NetWare Environment
  • Step 1: Install Latest Support Pack on Existing NetWare 5.1 Servers
  • Step 2: Scope SLP v1 Unscoped Scopes
  • Step 3: Install NetWare 6 Servers

Access the .pdf version of this new Deployment Guide here:
Or take a look at all the new NetWare guides at

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