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Installing iFolder: Nice to Know Tidbits

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Posted: 6 May 2002

Here are some dandy little snippets of advice that could help you glide through your iFolder install without a hitch. If you've got an install tip of your own to share, let us know and we'll add it to the list.

To test and setup clients, the iFolderClient.exe must be download and installed from the download link on the iFolder web page. After the install of the client on the workstation, the first login to iFolder has to be done through the desktop client. This is where the user enters and sets the passphrase. After this the iFolder web page is accessible.

If SSL (636) was selected during the install process then HTTPS is used for SSL rather than HTTP. This URL is case sensitive. Example: https://<domain name or IP address>/iFolderServer/Admin

If the server is behind a firewall and has a private IP address range with NAT, make sure during the install of the Apache web server that the domain name of the server is used rather than the internal IP address. Otherwise when used outside of the firewall the browser will pickup the internal IP address and it will fail. For the LDAP settings for iFolder during the install, it is okay to enter the internal IP address that is used behind the firewall.

Make sure to add iFolder to DNS for the iFolder server on the network and/or HOSTS files.

Check to see if LDAP is working by typing into a Netscape 4.x browser "ldap://<domain name or IP address of LDAP server>/o=<context>??sub?" This should return NDS information on the screen. Also see TID #10059954 - How to test whether LDAP is working properly or TID #10054559 - Novell LDAP and SSL reinstallation and reconfiguration.

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