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Shared iFolder Account Caveats

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Posted: 5 Jun 2002

Version: Novell iFolder 1.0

Shared iFolder accounts in Novell iFolder 1.0 have a few gotchas you should be aware of. Novell iFolder 1.0 does not provide file locking or access lists, so there will almost certainly be occasional times when more than one person is modifying the same file at the same time. Here are some things to consider when using a Shared iFolder:

  • Shared iFolder files will be located on each local machine in the \My Documents\iFolder\accountname\home folder.
  • All users sharing the account have full Read/Write access to all folders and files.
  • The only way to remove someone's access to a Shared iFolder account is to have the HelpDesk change the password and then you can distribute the new password to the proper people. This will prevent someone from logging in to the account but will not remove the files from their computer.
  • If one user deletes or moves a file from the iFolder data store then it will be deleted from all users' machines when they synchronize.
  • It is possible for two users to modify the same file at the same time. When iFolder syncs it will keep the file with the latest date and overwrite any previous versions. One way to help avoid this is to have users rename a file they wish to work on by adding their initials to the end of the file. Then remove, rename it again and remove the initials when they are finished.
  • If a user's file does get overwritten it will be placed in the iFolder Conflict bin on their machine. To access the Conflict bin right click on the iFolder icon in the system tray and select View Conflict Bin.
  • You can only be logged in to one iFolder account at a time. To change from one account to another you must logout out of the current iFolder account and login to the new iFolder Account.

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