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Posted: 9 Oct 2002

Don't miss the article in Novell Connection magazine that lays out the advantages offered by Professional Edition 2.0. It's just right for showing your bosses to help convince them to buy it.

The article explains the scalability enhancements that make iFolder feasible in bigger companies. To better support large-scale deployments of Novell iFolder, Novell changed the underlying architecture of Novell iFolder Professional Edition 2.0.

Novell also added several new features to Novell iFolder Professional Edition 2.0 that enhance its ability to support large-scale deployments. For example, Novell iFolder Professional Edition 2.0 includes the following:

  • Support for additional network operating systems
  • Support for millions of users (multiple iFolder servers act as a single system)
  • Reporting tool for billing and management
  • Ability for administrators to recover pass phrases
  • Thin-client support for Citrix, Terminal Server, and Novell OnDemand Services
  • Support for Pocket PC and Palm PDA access to files via a web browser
  • Ability to choose the location of the iFolder directory on local hard drives

Check it out today at

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