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If the Internet Won't Let you Login

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Posted: 9 Oct 2002

If you're having trouble logging in to iFolder via the Internet (at home, or on the road), and are baffled because you're able to login to it at work via the LAN just fine, listen up. What's happening is that your browser is picking up the private IP address instead of the public one. Easy to fix. Here's how:

  • Change the private IP address to the public IP address in the IFOLDER_NAV.HTML file in the SYS:\APACHE\IFOLDER\DOCUMENTROOT\HTML directory.
  • Make sure you have a static NAT entry which translates the public IP address to the private IP address and that the ports used for iFolder are not blocked at the firewall.
  • After this change run STOPIFOLDER and STARTIFOLDER at the System Console.

Voila, you're back in business, and you can leave the office and still get to your iFolder!

For more info see TID 10072600

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