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Building a Compaq SAN on NetWare 6

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Posted: 26 Nov 2001

If you're into big storage (storage area networks or SANs), this new deployment guide may be just what the doctor ordered. The hot-off-the presses guide walks you through the steps to deploying your very own Compaq SAN.

These are the steps covered in the guide:

  1. Install SBBs and Program Card in the Storage Cabinet.
  2. Install Fibre Channel HBA in the NetWare Server.
  3. Cable the Storage Subsystem to the NetWare Server.
  4. Connect a Windows NT or Windows 2000 Client as a Maintenance Terminal.
  5. Power up the Storage Subsystem.
  6. Establish Communication Between the SWCC and the Storage Subsystem.
  7. Verify Controller Properties.
  8. Configure a Storageset.
  9. Configure the NetWare Host.

If you need more detail than these steps provide (if you don't, you're in a class of your own) the complete deployment guide (in .pdf) is located here:

If you want to check out all the latest deployment guides, here's the place:

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