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Winners: First Annual People's Choice Awards

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Updated: 17 May 2005

Novell Cool Solutions celebrated its eighth anniversary on 15 December 2005, and launched a People's Choice Awards program to honor the people who made the stuff that made us famous.

Nice Birthday Card

"Happy birthday and hope to see you have many, many more. As a user of GW since day one of the product, really even before as we used it when it was still Word Perfect, we have seen GW grow more and more mature. From fighting off the ill-informed Exchange centric magazine articles and all the other FUD GW is the Best of Breed messaging platform. Keep up the great work."
--Dondi Williams, Director IS&T, SH Leggitt Companies

The votes are in, and here are the top three most popular tools/articles at

Honorable Mentions

And these five lucky vote-casters each received 100 Novell Rewards points which they can redeem immediately, or save to spend later.

  • Mark Nielsen
  • Greg Palumbo
  • Kathy Peters
  • Stefan Falk
  • Lee Greenough

Nomination Essays: Cool Solutions People's Choice Award

#1 AdRem Remote Console

Mike Schueler

  • AdRem Remote Console v4
  • I would like to nominate AdRem's Remote Console v4 for the Coolest tool.

    This product is by far the easiest to use program to access Novell Servers remotely. You can't get any more elegant than running the program for the first, and connecting to a Server. It prompts you to install its tiny NLM and add it to the Autoexec.ncf so that it loads in the future. And then it just works! It works as if you are logged on to the console, except even easier. A popup menu lets you go to any available screen. And then you can switch to another server at any time. I've lost count as to the number of times I've been able to administer a Server remotely, avoiding having to drive over to one of our remote locations in order to restart some aspect of the Server. It has saved countless hours for our small IT department.

    Round about the time we upgraded all of Novell Servers to Novell 6, from a mixture of mostly 4.11 and a couple 5.1s, we looked in vain for a replacement for RConsole, which we used to administer some aspects of the Novell Servers, remotely and locally. We had too switched from a predominately IPX based protocol to a more purely IP based, and thus RCONSOLE would not work. It was with delight that I found on Cool Solutions AdRem, version 3 at the time, and was astounded that it work so easily and quickly. The consultant that we had in to help us in our migration was amazed at its elegance.

    A little bit about myself. My name is Mike Schueler, and I have worked almost 13 years in the IT department as a Programmer Analyst for a company called Dominion Colour Corporation located mostly in and around Toronto, Ontario, Canada. There has been, for the most part, only two of us in the IT department, and we always look for solutions to help us save time and expense and frustration. Thus we have always had Novell Netware on the various Servers we administer, and will continue to so, as long as we continue to work here. They just work. Around about five years ago, we decided to go with Novell Groupwise to replace our CC-Mail email system, version 5.5 at the time, and we have not had any regrets. We have since upgraded to version 6 and are looking at upgrading further. Cool Tools has helped on any number of occasions to allow us to find tools to solve problems that we have encountered on the way. And kept our Novell Servers humming, which is the best way, I think, of proving that a product should stay within the organization.

    Happy Birthday, Cool Tools!

    About me:
    Mike Schueler, Programmer Analyst, Dominion Colour Corporation

    #2 Avanti's TaskMaster v4

    Gary Lum

    For the Coolest Tool award I nominate:

  • Avanti's TaskMaster v4
  • It is the best tool for synchronizing servers. I heard about it from the great folks in the Novell forums. It's useful for scheduling various tasks.

    About me:
    Gary Lum, Library and Archives Canada, Fifteen years as a Systems Administrator for various Novell, Windows and UNIX servers.

    When I need some information about tools or about how to accomplish something, Cool Solutions is the first starting off point (and in many cases, it is the only stop that was needed!!).

    Carlos E Luengas

    Avanti-Technology's TaskMaster SYNC is by far the best NetWare add-on we've ever used! I give TaskMaster 5 out of 5 stars.

    About me:
    Carlos E Luengas , Sr. Systems Architect, Cook Children's Health Care System

    #3 RCONIP

    Lee Greenough

    For cool tool of the century award, I nominate:

  • RCONIP: NetWare RCONAG6.NLM Client
  • This puppy ROCKS! It fits on a floppy, it's small enough to email, there is only one executable file, there is nothing to install, and IT WORKS!

    I always have this program nearby. There is a copy on every desktop I use; I have it sitting as an email attachment in GroupWise ready to run at a moment's notice via WebAccess; I have copies in my briefcase and toolbag and probably a dozen in the recesses of my car. If you are the person who needs to worry about servers 7/24, don't go home without it.

    It is at least a 6-hour round trip from home to my most remote site. As the guy ultimately responsible for the servers being up, it falls to me to make that trek when necessary to make sure all is well for the next business day. RCONIP is one of the essential tools I need to get enough sleep at night! Seriously, anyone who has ever lain awake nights worrying if the backup was going to bring the server to its knees overnight again knows the value of being able to remotely check on the server console.

    So it's small, it's fast and it works, but the rest of the story is it's FREE! Get it, try it and you will sleep better too!

    A big thank-you to Paul Pergamenshchik for making this program, and kudos to the COOL Guys for making it available.

    About me
    Lee Greenough, Network Manager, School District 48 (Howe Sound)

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