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Password Expiration Email Notification Tool Now Available

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Posted: 21 Apr 2005


To download the zip file containing the Java source, supporting files and documentation for the free Password Expiration Email Notification tool, currently used by Novell IS&T, go to:

About the Tool

This Java console application checks users in an LDAP directory and sends notification e-mail messages when their password is about to expire. The application is scheduled to run nightly. Only those users whose passwords will be expiring in a specified number of days will be notified.

A configuration XML document defines the LDAP connection information, the day intervals for notification, and the e-mail message templates for each interval. For example, users whose passwords will be expiring in 30 days may receive a different e-mail message than those whose passwords expire tomorrow. The e-mail messages are designed to be readable in both HTML and text-only views.

The tool is a great complement to the password features in Nsure Identity Manager. For example, the e-mail notification can direct the user to the self-service interface to change the password. Identity Manager then synchronizes the new password to all connected systems.


Please direct all questions about the Password Expiration Notification tool to:

Paul Sherman
Novell IS&T

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