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Changing the Virtual Office team file store location without using CIFS

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By Daniel Shelley

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Posted: 1 Apr 2005

A number of people have asked about configuring the team file store location. This article describes how to configure it correctly as well as how to use an undocumented feature to move the team file store to a different, local location without using CIFS.

After changing the team file location, remember to move the files from the old location to the new one.

Default location

The default team file store location is relative to the running tomcat servlet.

NetWare 6.5 - NetWare 6.5 sp3:
OES NetWare:
OES Linux:

A CIFS share/Samba location

Once your users start using the teaming functionality in Virtual Office, it is usually a good idea not to have this data filling up the NetWare SYS volume.

To change the team file location, go into the Virtual Office Environment administration. Click on the Edit button for Team file share.

In the Configure Team File Store dialog, enter the CIFS-enabled share location in this format:

Don't put a leading // in front of the path. The username and password that you enter should be for a user that has valid rights to the CIFS share. That user's credentials will be used to read and write all of the team data to the new location.

Remember to move the team data once you have made this change.

Local File System without CIFS

There is an undocumented feature that will allow the team file store to be configured to point at a file location on the local server without enabling CIFS/Samba. If you configure the file store location and do not set the username and password (just clear it out), Virtual Office will use the local file provider to read and write to the file system. This means that you don't have to enable CIFS on your server. When you enter the file path, use the following format:


The files will be accessed using the rights of the running Virtual Office process. For NetWare this isn't an issue. For Linux this means that the novlwww user needs to have file access rights to the team file location.

The disadvantage with using this method is that it does not allow another Virtual Office server to share the same team data location.

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