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Posted: 12 Apr 2005

The demos below show new features offered in Open Enterprise Server and how simple they are to use.

QMS to iPrint Migration

A good portion of Novell customers are still using our legacy print system referred to as QMS based printing. Many of these customers have been slow at moving to Novell's iPrint solution even though they love all of the features that are offered. In many cases they say that the migration is too hard. Now as part of Open Enterprise Server there are tools to make the move very easy. This demo shows the steps and tools to make the move.

Watch the demo

NDPS to iPrint Migration

This is similar to the QMS one. NDPS is another print system that iPrint is build upon. This demo shows the migration from NDPS to iPrint and is another new feature offered in Open Enterprise Server.

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Printer Driver Profiles

This is a new feature that has been the number one most requested feature from our printing customers. Basically it allows administrator to preconfigure their printer driver settings before end users install the printer. The demo goes through the steps showing network administrators how to create these profiles.

Watch the demo

iPrint Tray Icon

This is another new feature where we now have an icon that resides on the application tray where we expect end user to go to for any print related functionality. The demo shows what end users can do from this new Tray icon.

Watch the demo

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