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Web Seminar: Email Compliance, Retention and Discovery for GroupWise (Archived)

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Updated: 5 May 2005

*This Web seminar took place on April 27, 2005. Watch the archived event here

How can you provide an effective E-mail archiving solution for your organization?

If you have concerns about E-mail compliance and retention with GroupWise, find out how E-mail archiving solutions from IntelliReach and Novell can help you address these issues. By participating in the E-mail compliance, retention and discovery for GroupWise Web seminar you will learn how your organization can quickly leverage E-mail management solutions that are cost-effective, easily managed and powerfully seamless.

What you will learn:

  • Best practices for email retention and compliance
  • How to quickly respond to legal, HR, and regulatory-related email discovery and search requests
  • Recent developments in email regulations and how to ensure compliance for your organization
  • The latest advances in GroupWise archiving and key components of an effective solution
  • Key criteria for GroupWise archiving solutions

At the conclusion of this Web seminar, you will have a helpful checklist for implementing E-mail archiving in your organization.

Watch the archived event here

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