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Novell Releases Identity Manager Integration Module for Avaya PBX

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Posted: 21 Apr 2005

Novell recently released the new Identity Manager Integration Module for PBX (Avaya). This module lets you use Identity Manager to centrally manage PBX extensions and work orders and to keep user phone numbers updated, regardless of whether your PBX is centralized or distributed across multiple buildings or sites.

About the Avaya Driver

The Avaya driver communicates with the PBX and carries out work orders by logging in, just as a PBX administrator would. The driver uses information from eDirectory as well as customizable settings and policies to configure the extension correctly. After configuration is completed, the driver publishes the new phone number to eDirectory, and the phone can be delivered and physically installed.

Unlike other Nsure Identity Manager drivers, the driver for Avaya PBX maps users to phone connections rather than users to users. Since the driver is designed to be generic, the PBX may be used in any environment from an enterprise call-center system to a small-office key system.

System Requirements

The following are requirements for the Nsure Identity Manager driver for Avaya PBX:

  • Nsure Identity Manager 2.0.1 with the latest patches and product updates
  • Software required by Identity Manager 2.0.1
  • Avaya PBX software version 9, 10 or 11
  • eDirectory administrator username and password, so you can log in during the installation to allow schema extension; the schema extensions are described in Schema for PBX Management
  • An eDirectory server with a master or read/write replica of all the objects that will be affected by PBX changes


To download the new module, visit:

For more details, visit the Avaya drivers page at:

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