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Announcing the New Identity Manager Sample Policy Site

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Posted: 21 Apr 2005

the Identity Manager Sample Policy site is a great resource for Identity Manager policies. New policies will be added to the site each month. You can find the site at:

Below are descriptions of a few of the samples you'll find there.

Name Driver Channel Description
Push Back On Email Any Publisher Resets email value to source value when add or modify is not from authoritative source.
Filter By Container Disabled Or Title Any Subscriber Contains a rule used to filter events based on conditional logic.
Set Email By Given Name And Surname Any Any Sets email address based on the employee's given name and last name.
Required Attributes Any Any Defines required attributes for user object creation.
By Given Name And Surname Any Any Define a matching policy based on given name and surname.
By Surname Any Publisher Defines the user object placement based on the first character of the user's last name. The policy also generates Novell Audit events.

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