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Posted: 19 May 2005

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Push Back On Email

  • Driver - Any
  • Channel - Publisher


This policy resets an email value to a source value when add or modify is not from an authoritative source.

This policy contains a single rule to "push back" or reset the value of the email attribute - essentially dictating an authoritative source for the attribute via policy. The conditions test for the existence of a user object and whether the email attribute is changing - meaning that there is an add or modify happening for that attribute. The action sets the source value back to the value from the destination and strips out the attribute from the current operation.

In this particular example, the attribute is referenced in the actions and conditions by the application schema name. This is a key point for policies defined in the input transformation policy set, although this policy could be used in any policy set with some minor modifications. The end result with this policy on the Publisher, is that the identity vault is the authoritative source for the email attribute.

Note: This same functionality can be applied via the Filter since the IDM 2.0.1 release.

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